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El Valle Salado obtiene el Anchor Point, la mayor distinción europea como patrimonio turístico nacional

- 6/dic/2019

Heritage Cuadrilla de Añana


Towers, palaces, manor houses, churches, shrines, archaeological sites... history is felt in every corner of Añana. A leisure walk trough their municipalities will approach the story behind Añana. Contemplate the passage of time through the buildings rehabilitations and guided tours.

Nature Cuadrilla de Añana


The water that cuts through Anana generates a rich nature in the region. The Natural Park of Valderejo is the maximum exponent, and shares the spotlight with the Botanical Garden of Santa Catalina, Lake Caicedo-Yuso, Kuartango Valley and Subijana aquifer, giving the area a privileged environment.

Active Tourism Cuadrilla de Añana


Activate in Añana. The region offers an adventure center, the possibility of horse riding, drive through 4x4, air ballooning over their fields and rivers, to travel through the hiking trails or bicycle from the Mountain Bike Centre Valderejo-Añana. And much more.

Routes Cuadrilla de Añana


Ideal for a Sunday morning or to enjoy during the weekend after waking up in a cozy accommodation in the region, or any day you want to connect with nature. We propose various signposted routes, some of them georeferenced, to make walking or cycling on mountain bike.


Location. Where to find us?

The region of Añana is located southwest of the Historical Territory of Araba/Álava and counts with an area of 690 sqm. It is one of the seven Cuadrillas forming the territory of Alava within the Basque country.

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El Valle Salado obtiene el Anchor Point, la mayor distinción europea como patrimonio turístico nacional
Fundación Valle Salado de Añana

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