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Añana. A landscape characterized by the salt evaporation ponds.

  • Town hall:
    Plaza Miguel Díaz de Tuesta, 3
    01427 Salinas de Añana / Gesaltza–Añana, Araba/Álava
    Tel. (+34) 945 35 10 67

  • Surface: 21,9 Km²

  • Altitude: 531 m.

  • Population (INE 2008): 176 hab.

  • Localities:

    Atiega y Salinas de Añana.

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  • Mail:

The more than 5,000 salt evaporation pondsin Valle Salado de Añana (in Salinas de Añana) give this area in the central part of the Cuadrilla its true identity. In the Middle Ages the town's development revolved around salt, and now it does so again.

The Valle Salado de Añana (Salt Valley of Añana), Candidate for World Heritage by UNESCO, has become a must – visit point. A unique cultural landscape, visits to get to know the handmade process of salt await you. Additionally, through workshops you will be able to feel like 'a salinero' (a producer of salt) and enjoy a very unique saline SPA experience.

Well known Chefs such as Aduriz, Berasategui, Subijana, Atxa and other Michelin star chefs, support the great gastronomic potential of the salt from Añana.

The whole historic village of Salinas de Anana, with the Palace of Ozpina (today a rural hotel and restaurant), the baroque palace of Los Herran; at the top of town the convent of the "Comendadoras de San Juan de Acre" and in the south the parish church of Santa María de Villacones.

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The shield of the province of Araba / Álava carries in its central motif the towers of the Castle of Portilla because of the importance it had.

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On the banks of the river Zadorra, Armiñón village sits with its majestic Romanesque bridge with six eyes on the waters of the tributary river.

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