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Armiñón. Its romanesque bridge, bound for pilgrims step.

  • Town hall:
    C/ Real, 1
    01220 Armiñón, Araba/Álava
    Tel. (+34) 945 36 50 88

  • Surface: 10,6 Km²

  • Altitude: 467 m.

  • Population (2014): 250 hab.

  • Localities:

    Armiñón, Estavillo y Lacorzana.

  • Mail:

On the banks of the river Zadorra, Armiñón village sits with its majestic Romanesque bridge with six eyes on the waters of the tributary river. The first Carlist War left it impassable, but now you can cross it and, moreover, it is a compulsory part for the pilgrims of Camino de Santiago.

The flirty rose flowery porch of the parish church of San Andrés along with the arcades of the Plaza de Armiñón, jail house, the house "Caminero" and the Palace of the Montoya-Urbina are also worth a leisurely stroll through its streets.

Armiñón, with Estavillo, formed one of the oldest Brotherhoods in the province of Araba / Álava. Estavillo is situated on a hill and it was a strategic settlement, as well as a vine growing area. Even today the terraces where the vines used to be are visible.

The parish church of San Martin de Estavillo, from fifteenth century Gothic, notable for its altarpiece and adjoining chapel "Concepción" of the sixteenth century.

In Lacorzana stands the Tower-Palacio de los Hurtado de Mendoza, built for defense and control of passengers and goods by the riverbanks and highways. Beside her, the art-historical hydraulic complex "Del Molino" dating from 1645.

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