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The region of Añana, located southwest of the Historical Territory of Araba / Álava, is one of the seven "Cuadrillas" in which divides the territory of Alava in the Basque Country. It is bounded on the north by the Sierra de Gibijo, east to the Sierra Brava Badaya and County of Treviño, south of the Ebro river and Rioja Alavesa and west to the Sierra de Arcena.

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Well connected with Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), the region of Añana is a place to be enjoyed with family, friends or couples for its variety.

  • How to get:
  • From Vitoria-Gasteiz: By N-I.
  • From Bilbao: By AP-68.
  • From Miranda de Ebro: By N-I.
  • Tourism office in Valdegovía:
  • C/ Arquitecto Jesús Guinea, 46
  • Villanueva de Valdegovía
  • Tel: 945 353 040
  • Opening hours

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Añana Turismo

Pza. de los Fueros, 11.

01213 Rivabellosa (Araba/Álava)

Tfno.: 945 355 089 Fax: 945 355 053

More resources to discover Añana. Use Google tools to discover the region.


You can use this link to expand to full screen map of Añana in Google Maps.

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Virtual tour of the roads in the region. Visit Añana from anywhere in the world.

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This project is developed under the Valora POPV ESF 2007-2013, co-funded by 50 % for ESF, and coordinates GARAPEN (Basque Association of Development Agencies).

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