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Ekaineko Agenda 2022

- 3/jun/2022

Hotels in Añana. More services for your stay.

Forget everything and get carried away by the charms of the Cuadrilla de Añana.

You can relax and disconnect in a hotel with all the amenities, a good treatment to customers, and a gastronmy based in most cases on local products.

A small haven of peace, to spend a few days with friends, family or friends.

All the hotels in Cuadrilla de Añana. Back to "Accommodations".

Hotel Amona

C/ La Iglesia, 9. 01423 Tuesta
(Valdegovía, Araba/Álava)
(+34) 945 351 496

+ Information

Hotel Durtzi

C/ La Presa, 12. 01423 Sobrón
(Lantarón, Araba/Álava)
(+34) 945 359 078

+ Information


Plataforma logística Arasur
1213 Rivabellosa (Ribera Baja)
(+34) 945 356 824

+ Information

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