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Lantarón. Pure water.

  • Town hall:
    01213 Comunión,
    Tel. (+34) 945 33 20 24

  • Surface: 61,8 Km²

  • Altitude: 460 m.

  • Population (INE 2008): 938 hab.

  • Localities:

    Sobrón, Alcedo, Bergüenda, Caicedo-Yuso, Comunión, Fontecha, Leciñana del Camino, Molinilla, Puentelarrá, Salcedo, Turiso y Zubillaga.

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A majestic Torre Palacio de los Orgaz converted into a school for the restoration of heritage, an old spa considered the Spanish vichy during the nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries and a lake declared biotope are a clear example of the rich heritage and nature that has the municipality of Lantarón.

Two towers;the Condestable Palace and Tower of Orgaz, flank the town of Fontecha, .Over the years, these towershave given shelter to current students of the School Micaela Portilla who are formed in the appropriate jobsto recover the historical heritage of the region and whose works can be seen, among other points of the area, on Valle Salado Añana itself and the tower where they learn.

The Omecillo river leaves Bergüenda with its particular bridge on the side, and meanwhile the Ebro, divides Sobrón giving it since a long time ago agreat deal of activity. In the nineteenth century it housed a spa called the Spanish vichy and now its waters are inspiration for the Water Museum and source of enjoyment for the Adventure Center, where you can enjoy active tourism such as kayaking, paintball, archery, zip line... Under the waters of the dam of Sobrón was buried the original shrine of "Nuestra Señora de Quijera" (Our Lady of Quijera) was buried so its image was moved to the nearby Romanesque church of San Martín de Lantarón that, after being restored, retains the appeal of its medieval stamp on a beautiful landscape.

Also remains in Lantarón some megalithic constructions such as dolmen of Mina, near Leciñana del Camino and Molinilla, considered one of the most important megalithic monuments in the territory; and in Salcedo the discovered dolmen of Lastra.

The landscape becomes spectacular at Lake Caicedo-Yuso, declared biotope for its great ecological interest, where a feast of amultitude of birds and wildlife diversity is assured

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