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Casa Torre Urbina Basabe. Free tours.

The "Casa Torre Urbina Basabe", located in the Valley Kuartango, is the oldest testimony of the only Roman battle in Euskadi. The Interpretation Centre of the Battle of Andagoste allows you to be transported to two thousand years ago through the exhibition halls hosting the materials found in the recent restoration of the historical building.

The building, home of the Alava lineage Urbina or Ortiz de Urbina, was a late medieval center with a religious, administrative and residential character. It consists on a monastery church, a defensive tower attached to the temple and other less important buildings juxtaposed to the previous ones. The church, dedicated to St. Peter and of Romanesque style dating from the twelfth century is considered one of the oldest in Araba / Álava. Its altarpiece, dated from 1615, is dominated by a medieval image of "Andra Mari" from the late 13th or early 14th Century.

In 1458 it reached its current appearance. And at the beginning of the 16th Century the current exempt bulrush was built, similar to those in the valley of Kuartango.

The Casa Torre Urbina Basabe offers free tours.

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