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Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción en Tuesta.

In the small village of Tuesta you will find the church which is termed as the "Cathedral of Valdegovía". It is a beautiful church in honor of "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" (Our Lady of the Assumption), which dates from the thirteenth century, built in the transition from Romanesque to Gothic, to which they were adding elements like the chapels, tower, altarpiece ...

The spot has been defined as the set of richest storied archivolts in Araba / Álava and one of the clearest examples of Romanesque art in the province. It is a beautiful work with ornamentation that develops and portrays a series of angels and humans, beasts and monsters, birds and plants in multiple scenes. The porch, built very later to the main body, is from the year 1795.

It was declared a historic monument in 1932, although the date of construction is unknown, most should be made between the second half of the twelfth century and the first of the XIII. Once inside, you can enjoy through guided tours that are organized from the Tourist Office of Valdegovía, and you can admire the small but admirable dome, fortified by edges resting on columns, forming five sides, in each one of which are opened two separate windows.

The altarpiece in which is the titular image of "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Our" (Lady of the Assumption), previously concealed the actual unobstructed view of the apse, was moved in the restoration of 1962 to a chapel in the south, where you can admire incompletely therefore it is higher than the chapel where blanket, thus losing the unity of the whole. It was carved in the last quarter of the sixteenth century.

Another jewel containing the church inside is a magnificent sculpture of the Virgin Blanca, following the model known in these lands as Andra Mari. Although some earlier, some elements in their style approach to its creation in 1300.

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