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- 3/jun/2022

Iglesia parroquial de San Martín en Estavillo. Gothic temple of the fifteenth century.

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    Iglesia parroquial de San Martín en Estavillo.

In what is believed to be the oldest village of Armiñón by its privileged situation on a hill, in Estavillo, is the parish church of San Martín. Overlooking the banks of the Zadorra River, this 15th-century Gothic temple is worth a visit for its main altarpiece and the contiguous 16th-century "Concepción" chapel.

From outside, where there is also a majestic cross, the good chairs of the temple give a look of strength to this building of plant of Latin cross with straight head. Also from the outside you can see its cover of the XV century, with two lateral pillars, pointed arch turned and decoration with vegetal motifs of the last Gothic. In the exterior finish of the arch is where the effigy of San Martin resides, decorated with gothic leaf litter.

Already inside, the main altarpiece of the Renaissance period distributes to the left the "Concepción" chapel of the 16th century and to the right a Baroque altarpiece from the end of the 17th century.

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