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Iglesia de San Román de Tobillas. First half of the ninth century.

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    Iglesia de San Román de Tobillas

Near the Natural Park of Valderejo, the town of Tobillas was the place chosen for those Christians who launched the first temple of this religion in the Basque Country, the monastery of San Roman.

Recently, the Provincial Council of Alava (Diputación Foral de Álava) has developed a great work of recovery that reopens the debate on the pre-Romanesque architecture. Because the building consists on four construction stages.

The first one (the header and the initials of the foundations) belongs to the first building, dating from the first half of the ninth century.

The second building (tenth century), of which remains marks of the apse covered by a dome on "pechinas" (each of the four curvilinear triangles forming the ring of the dome with the main arches where it rests). Also preserved the "dovelas" (carved stone wedge-shaped, to form arches or vaults) reused in the entrance arch, a window and significant traces from its original setting.

Then, the Romanesque building, where remains the entrance arch, "frisos" (widest part of the central section of an entablature), "canecillos" (heads of the beam hovering outside and supports the cornice or eaves)... all this very much altered by the destruction suffered by the Romanesque vault.

And finally, the fourth phase that encompasses all reforms that has undergone up to the present day.

In addition to changes in its architecture, the importance of the church also lies in when the documentary sources date it. The abbot Avito provided the first testimony with the reform as a monastic church in the year 822. Later, the priest Vigila testifies to the restoration that took place in the tenth century, and the third testimony comes through a recently discovered an epigraph, clearly Mozarabic paleography, still in situ.

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