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Jardín Botánico de Santa Catalina. Picturesque natural beauty.

A picturesque natural beauty embraces an important and unknown history that travels more than seven centuries in the Botanical Garden of Santa Catalina, in the town of Trespuentes. It is accessed by foot for a walk, after parking the vehicles in the parking enabled.

In the Botanical Garden there are about 1,000 species, native to the Sierra de Badaya and coming from all five continents. Millenary trees, fascinating plants or curious flowers that change depending on the season and even the day, and that make each visit a living experience. From the stillness of winter, the sudden explosion of color and activity in spring, the heyday of summer to the different hues of autumn. The privileged environment of the Sierra de Badaya was hiding the ruins of the Monastery of Santa Catalina, which currently provide an unusual setting to enjoy nature.

Descendants of the Iruña de Oca, who built the tower house in the 13th century, inhabited the building before fixing its residence in the tower Doña Otxanda, in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Later they donated the property to the "jerónimos" friars who founded the convent and these to the friars Augustinian who had to leave it by the processes desamortizadores. During the first Carlist war the convent was burned down and hence today it is in ruins. But in spite of the ruins, architectural elements of the past of great beauty like the cisterns or wells of limestone are conserved; Remains of the palace with pointed arched windows, entrances to the moat and the choir of the church, the tower where still saeteras and embrasures still exist; The moat; The passage; The terraces built by the Augustinians for the cultivation of the vine and the orchard; The cloister and the church. A modern spiral staircase leads to a viewpoint that dominates the landscape of the Sierra de Badaya and Llanada Alavesa.

The Botanical Garden of Santa Catalina also hosts conferences, concerts, activities ...

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