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Ekaineko Agenda 2022

- 3/jun/2022

Puente de Armiñón. A show of architecture.

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    Puente de Armiñón.

The solemn bridge that crosses the river Zadorra to its passage by Armiñón supposes for the locality an exhibition of architecture. Its six eyes and five points or projections cut off the river and serve as a stop for the passers-by. The first Carlist war left it impassable, but now it can be crossed and, moreover, is a must for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

Its construction dates from the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries in his original work and is first mentioned in a document of 1339. However, some vestiges found in the surroundings verified the use by the Romans of this passage on the river Zadorra.

The "Camino Real de Postas" that linked Madrid and France and that was of vital importance for the transport of goods and travelers traveled by the bridge of Armiñón.

In the First Carlist War it was dynamited in part by order of the pretender Don Carlos. This circumstance, together with the steep slope of the road that surprises when crossing the bridge in its way towards Rivabellosa and the narrowness of the road, caused that in 1848 this way was abandoned, being constructed another "New Bridge", wider, downstream of the Zadorra.

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