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Castillos de Portilla y Lanos de Ocio. Historical singularity

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    The castles of Portilla and Lanos de Ocio were important defenses because of their strategic situation. The one of Portilla is the one represented in the shield of Araba / Álava.

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"In Portilla you can find one of the most important defensive villages of the Navarre kingdom's expansion at the beginning of the 11th century, guarded by its imposing rock castle and protected by great walls.The intramural city of Portilla, perfectly reflects the social pyramid in Feudal period, represented by its castle, church and hamlet.

The guided tour "Portilla, medieval village" also allows knowing the way of life in a border town between two kingdoms.

Using the game, the children's visit "The enemy lurks Portilla" is outlined. We will follow the tracks and meet the challenges until we find the catapult projectiles that will help us defend the Villa. With this game we will learn how to live in a medieval village, how they defended themselves against their enemies and how the feudal social pyramid reflected in Portilla."

The Town Hall of Zambrana now has a guided tours service to the Monumental Complex of Portilla, made up of the old town and its castle. From now on and on demand, you can visit this historical set in a guided and professional way. The idea of launching this training program arose in the Participation Forum for the recovery of Heritage. According to Aitor Abecia, mayor of Zambrana, this project creates a circular economy, an activity that is generated in the territory and benefits it: on the one hand, local personnel are trained, and on the other, the degradation of the castle that forms is avoided. part of the symbols of Álava and a cultural asset that belongs to all Alava.

In the southeastern part of the region, in Zambrana, walking between nature and castles is the most suggestive. The well-known 'Route of the castles' connects the Castle of Portilla and the Castle of Lanos de Ocio, two points located in different risks that allow to enjoy a spectacular panoramic.

The most remarkable historical singularity of the Castle of Portilla lies in serving as an iconic element for the shield of Araba / Álava. A seventeenth-century document from a neighbor of Portilla mentions the seal of the town, he points out that it was used since the thirteenth century and is described in a very similar way to that of Álava: "A cliff, at its top a shackled tower, The height of it, an arm with a sword in his hand drawn. And at the foot of the tower a lion, standing on his feet, lay his hands on her." The earliest written references date the Castle of Portilla in the year 1040, however recent excavations have demonstrated occupation of the place since the beginning of the Iron Age. The Middle Ages was its great revulsive, acquiring greater relevance and becoming a valuable defensive enclave of the Kingdom of Navarre. Nevertheless, in century XIII would happen to comprise of the Castilian kingdom and, with the transfer of its border towards the East, was losing its importance.

Reaching the Castillo de Portilla allows you to enjoy the remains of the central tower and a cistern, and spectacular views.

In the other point rests the Castle of Lanos de Ocio, which partially conserves its keep. Built with sandstone and mortar, its barbican (support to the contour wall) was the main defense of this area in medieval times. It had a fully strategic character, especially in the moments in which the enclave was part of the border line between Navarre and the county of Alava or Castile.

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