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Templo de Cultura Quintanilla Kulturgunea. XVI Century.

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    Templo de Cultura Quintanilla Kulturgunea
    Ribera Baja

The church of Quintanilla de la Ribera, in Ribera Baja, has become the "Templo de Cultura Quintanilla Kulturgunea" (Temple of Culture Quintanilla Kulturgunea). A metamorphosis that has taken a turn in this beautiful construction dating from the late sixteenth century Gothic, with Renaissance and Baroque additions of the seventeenth century to honor St. Stephen and was abandoned a quarter of a century, even losing its cover in 1998.

The obstinate insistence of the neighbors has managed to stop the deterioration of their church and have managed to give it a new dynamism transforming itself into a singular cultural space with concerts, cycles of conferences, workshops... and other diverse uses, since the Bishopric gave up the temple to town. For example, each year they celebrate a small jazz festival in the month of June: jazzArtean.

The monument, declared Cultural Site with the category of Monument on 01/22/04 and published in the BOPV on 17/02/04, is constituted by a single nave with three bodies added very peculiar because the tower is located in an unusual way to the sacristy and to the head.

The bell tower was built in 1649 and its cover is embedded in two stirrups, one of which displays a sundial with the inscription 1667. The altarpiece of the high altar is due to the architect Juan Bautista Galán and is dated in 1664.

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