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Calcining tower "El Calero" of Nanclares de la Oca. Industrial monument.

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    Torre de calcinación "El Calero" de Nanclares de la Oca.

"El Calero" of Nanclares de la Oca has been part of the general inventory of the Basque cultural heritage since 2011 as an industrial monument. This imposing tower of calcination of square plant and 15 meters of height has been restored by the School Micaela Portilla, settled in the Tower-Palace of the Orgaz in Fontecha. A meticulous and respectful work that has managed to recover the splendor of this ashlar stove and sillarejo with staircases adosadas to accede to the superior part.

And why visit this calcining tower? No doubt because of its uniqueness. Unlike the artisanal caleros, which operated intermittently and for a specific use, the one in Nanclares de la Oca was of a continuous type, since its height increased its carrying capacity. That is to say, it was loaded with the stone and as the lime descended new layers could be cast.

In the lower part the coal was introduced, while the outer stairs climbed the limestone. Studies indicate that the interior temperature could reach 1,000 degrees and the manufacturing process of the creek will last about a week. This improved efficiency and increased production.

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