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Torre-Palacio de los Orgaz de Fontecha. Tower of 25 meters of height.

  • Location:

    Escuela Micaela Portilla
    Plaza José Mardones, 5 primero izquierda
    01423 Fontecha
    T_945 359 063

Traveling by car on the southwest side bordering the region along the road that runs between Zubillaga and Fontecha and do not stop the look in the great Tower-Palace of Orgaz de Fontecha becomes an impossible mission. It seems to be the output of a dream story with a tower of 25 m high built in ashlar masonry, a palace and a section of wall built in the late 14th or early 15th century on a hill and a short distance from the banks of the river Ebro .

If it can be observed as if it remained intact from centuries past is due the work of the School Micaela Portilla, the Training-Employment Center promoted by the Añana Crew and that is located in the Tower-Palace of the Orgaz. Its students, under the supervision of the teachers, during their training process in the techniques of carpentry of armar, traditional masonry and stonework have developed the tasks of rehabilitation.

This architectural complex was key in the saline route from Salinas de Añana to Puentelarrá from where the salt was distributed to Castile and Bizkaia. It belonged to the lineage of the Hurtado de Mendoza and these, although Alaveses of origin, as they possessed extensive properties in Castile, endowed them with many similarities with the Castilian fortresses. The Hurtado de Mendoza were named Condes de Orgaz in the 16th century.

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Torre de calcinación El Calero de Nanclares de la Oca

It is part of the general inventory of the Basque cultural heritage in the category of industrial monument.

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Torre Palacio de los Varona

Tower-Palace of the Varona is the only fortress of Araba / Álava that retains its moat.

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