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Torre-Palacio de los Varona. A real fortress.

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    Torre-Palacio de los Varona
    Villanañe, Araba/Álava
    Tel. (+34 ) 945 35 30 40
    (+34 ) 945 35 30 35
    (Oficina de Turismo de Valdegovía)

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The Tower-Palace of the Varona is the only Araba / Álava fortress that preserves its moat and, according to historian Micaela Portilla, "one of the best preserved fortified settlements in the province." The tower is a National Monument since 1949 and Monumental Artistic Historical Set since 1982. This architectonic complex of military character is still inhabited by direct descendants of the family since the 12th century, when the Varona took importance in some decisive events of the time.

The building consists of three architectural periods. At first there was a wooden tower that burned. The present Tower that can be observed today is of century XIV, style Castellano Señorial, and a century later, century XV, was added the Renaissance Gothic palace.

The surname Varona was granted in the twelfth century by the battle of Alfonso de Castilla and Doña Urraca against Alfonso I "El Batallador", king of Aragon and Navarre, in the Soria fields. Maria Ruiz Pérez was the woman who imprisoned Alfonso I The Battler in the fight against Alfonso VI King of Leon and Castile, who considered that given his courage should, in the future, be called "Varona" and hence the surname.

Therefore, the Varonas remain in the lot since the twelfth century, and previously were their predecessors, the Perez, from the 7th century. To visit the Tower-Palace of the Varona implies immersing itself in the life that they received their rooms and lounges, that have been recovered thanks to the Provincial Council of Alava, like the architectonic set that also retains all its splendor. You can see objects from the 15th to 20th centuries. Its furniture with four-poster beds, cupboards full of dishes from the Cartuja de Sevilla and Bohemia glassware or desk tables and bookstores with real incunables. The decoration of the walls, with wallpapers, XIX century, of Paris, Alsace and Spain, above all the panoramic papers; And the collection of unique pieces by the Varona, such as one of the first vertical pianos in London or light bulbs with their silk-screened name (according to studies, was one of the first points where the electric light came).

From the outside you can see most of the defensive elements of the medieval fortifications, both in the tower and in the palace as well as a moat full of water that protects it in three of its sides.

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