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Yacimiento Arqueológico de "Iruña-Veleia". Patrimonial "alive" set.

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The Archaeological Site of 'Iruña-Veleia' is classified as one of the most important cultural assets of the Basque Country and a "living" heritage. Located in the municipality of Iruña de Oca, between the towns of Trespuentes and Víllodas, it is located at the top of a spur surrounded by a great meander of the river Zadorra. The extension of the archaeological site is approximately 11 hectares.

Iruña-Veleia was first and foremost a large indigenous village whose origin dates back to the end of the Bronze Age, and which during the Iron Age had a great expansion, reaching to constitute already in century I d.C. One of the most important and extensive urban centers of this territory.

Already in the first half of the first century, the huts of the village are replaced by the first houses made "a la romana", large domus with rooms surrounding a central courtyard with a large cistern for the Water covered generally with mosaics of the time. The end of this century constitutes for the then city of Iruña-Veleia the moment of maximum splendor with a great commercial and urbanistic activity. And this Roman city was especially known for being a transit point between the peninsula and the rest of the European continent and up to here came goods from all over the world, from African glass to crockery of The Gauls.

It is best known the city from the end of the third century and the middle of the fourth century AD. The economic recession of the moment gradually abandoned buildings previously occupied and it is in these years when the last great public work is undertaken in Veleia: the construction of the wall that delimits a city of something more than 11 hectares, in which the last Archaeological data correspond to burials from the late 5th century AD

Through the visit to the site, you can discover the customs and uses of the third century d. C. and evidences of previous times.

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This project is developed under the Valora POPV ESF 2007-2013, co-funded by 50 % for ESF, and coordinates GARAPEN (Basque Association of Development Agencies).

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