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Ekaineko Agenda 2022

- 3/jun/2022

Valderejoko Etxea. In the Valderejo Natural Park.

Valderejoko Etxea Valderejoko Etxea Valderejoko Etxea Valderejoko Etxea
  • Address:

    C/ Real 2



  • Phone:

    (+34) 609 493 249

  • Contact:

    Jorge Lopez Gomez

Rural house and traditional restaurant member of slow food. Our specialty is local veal meat from Valderejo grilled

In our cooking we use first quality, seasonal and organic products to cook up our menu of the day, consisting of 3 first courses, 3 second courses and 3 desserts to choose from.

On the weekends we have a special menu, which we vary according to season. We also offer lunches, catering service, business lunches, communion celebrations... .

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This project is developed under the Valora POPV ESF 2007-2013, co-funded by 50 % for ESF, and coordinates GARAPEN (Basque Association of Development Agencies).

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