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Ribera Alta. Between wolves and "pinta alavesa" beans.

  • Town hall:
    Barrio Estación s/n
    01420 Pobes,
    Tel. (+34) 945 36 20 21

  • Surface: 119,8 Km²

  • Altitude: 549 m.

  • Population (INE 2008): 705 hab.

  • Localities:

    Antezana, Anúcita, Arbígano, Arreo, Artaza, Barrón, Basquiñuelas, Caicedo-Sopeña, Castillo-Sopeña, Escota, Hereña, Lasierra, Leciñana de la Oca, Morillas, Nuvilla, Ormijana, Paúl, Pobes, San Miguel, Subijana-Morillas, Tuyo, Viloria, Villabezana, Villaluenga y Villambrosa.

  • Web:

The access to the sea from Castilla had a forced passage through the lands of the municipality of Ribera Alta and this is reason because the people who live there retains defensive mills and fortified towers, due the strategic importance of this area at the time of the Middle Ages.

In Leciñana de la Oca you can still see various fortified houses nestled in the village walls or in Barrón you can enjoy one of these towers by staying in them, as they have been transformmed into rural accomodation.

The trees of the Sierra de Arcamo and abundance of livestock in the area always led to a constant presence of the wolf, and more than 200 years ago the "Lobera de Barrón" was built to thereby prevent the attacks to herds.

Currently, the locals have made Pobes their meeting place and this is where you can find the main activity of bars and restaurants in the area.

A good opportunity to discover this municipality is the "Feria de la Alubia Pinta Alavesa" (Fair of Pinta Alavesa Bean) held in Pobes on the second Sunday of October. A rich legume with a quality label which is honored with tastings, direct sales and exhibitions.

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