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Valdegovía. Natural park, tower houses and sanctuaries.

Valderejo Natural Park stretches along the western part of Valdegovía, being one of its main tourist attractions. Thousands of visitors cross it each year to enjoy its limestone walls, beech, oak, the gorge of the river Purón and marked routes, of which you can find information at the Parketxe located in Lalastra. Within the rich fauna that is housed by this Natural Park, the griffon vulture is its most famous guest.

But visiting Valdegovía also means finding one of the most representative spots of Romanesque architecture in Araba / Álava, the church of Tuesta, or becoming extremely surprised with the story behind the Tower-Palace of the Varona, the only fortress in Araba / Álava retaining its moat, and where the direct descendants of Miss Maria Perez, called "Varona" for her courage taking Alfonso I the Battler prisoner, have continued to live uninterruptedly. In Roman times there was a road that linked Astorga-Bordeaux with the Cantabrian Sea through Orduña, so there are many towers and palatial houses in the area.

About churches, San Roman de Tobillas has been acknowledgedas the oldest of Araba / Álava, and its restoration work has reopened the debate on the pre-Romanesque architecture. Also the "Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Angosto" (Shrine of Our Lady of Angosto) is a reference for its natural setting and holding pilgrimages; and in the church of Bachicabo where two altarpieces have beendiscovered, so you have to visit the church in order to discover the reasons behind this curious fact.

The corners of Valdegovía and Añana can also be visited horseback through Gaubea Equestrian, a riding school in Villamaderne.

Localities: Bachicabo, Barrio, Basabe, Bóveda, Cárcamo, Corro, Espejo, Osma, Fresneda, Guinea, Gurendes-Quejo, Nograro, Pinedo, Quintanilla, Tobillas, Tuesta, Valderejo, Valluerca, Villamaderne, Villanañe, Villanueva de Valdegovía, Lalastra y Valpuesta.

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Ribera Baja

Ribera Baja is a meeting point in Anana.

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The shield of the province of Araba / Álava carries in its central motif the towers of the Castle of Portilla because of the importance it had.

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