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Zambrana. Municipality of castles.

  • Town hall:
    C/ Ayuntamiento, 2
    01212 Zambrana,
    Tel. (+34) 945 33 70 14

  • Localities:

    Zambrana, Berganzo, Ocio y Portilla.

  • Web:

The shield of the province of Araba / Álava carries in its central motif the towers of the Castle of Portilla because of the importance it had. Located on a promontory of the municipality of Zambrana, the castle was occupied since the early Iron Age and in the eleventh and twelfth centuries became an important defensive enclave of the kingdom of Navarre. The high rise where it is placed makes possible to obtain excellent panoramic views.

In the same area the ancient fortress of Ocio, crowning the raised profile of the cliff named Lanos. Between them there are about 15 kilometers of an enabled trail far between, which is suggested as a pleasant excursion to visit them. In this regard, in June the Castle´s Day is celebrated to promote the enhancement of the monuments with a tour and activities.

In the village of Zambrana you will find emblazoned houses and the church of Santa Lucia and the Cruise. And in Berganzo the church of San Miguel with a nice altarpiece of Romanist style.

Zambrana is the gateway to Rioja Alavesa and that is because the vines also populate the surrounding fields.

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Valderejo Natural Park stretches along the western of Valdegovía.

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More than 5,000 "eras" in Añana Salt Valley of Añana give this area its true identity.

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